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02-03-2013, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by himawari42 View Post
I would like to just increase the postcount and say fix it pretty please with cherry on top.
Cant get ANY of the additional costumes to unlock on any of my chars. GMs cant help either and this is going on for frelling WEEKS. How hard is it to recheck the flags in the DB for the unlocks?
Stahl said send him an email at his email address. While I doubt I can post it here asking around ingame will get you his mail. Make a full report with all information and link it to the several forum topics of this problem. Is all I can say. GMS finally acknowledge this problem as a problem and forward it to the dev team. So its an improvement. Slowly but the more people report it. the more info they will recieve and priority they will put on it. Its not just KDF female toons affected but also. Federation players From both genders so there is something wrong in the package handling of the rewards granted from the style packages. Missing items, or the items not unlocking properly.