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02-03-2013, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
Your Internet connection may be good enough, but your Internet route to the STO Servers isn't, Your issue is with the (transatlantic cable provider?) and its gateway with the Boston hub. This is an issue that only the ISP and the Transatlantic cable provider can correct. You might want to complain to your ISP and see if they can bring some pressure to correct the situation...
increased time of respons isnt realy un issue, you can pleay nearly normal even with response from server with over 1000 ms.

the real issue is the packet drops on the route, or from server becouse it cant handle so much data. that is what is cousing "server stop responfing" imo

and i didnt got any packet lost while ping "flooding" sto server with 1500 byte packets, meaning connection is just fine, but server is on heavy load and cant serve all connection, so it delays or drops some of incomming packets.

only thing we can do is wait for most ppls go away and it will
[go back to normal, at least untill they are back. if you didnt noticed this problem exist only in specific hours of the day ...