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02-03-2013, 12:45 PM
Hello @all,

I have a slightly different idea. I am glad to see that something like the Classic PvP will take place, The shown rules are really good and give's the Teams the chance to show their Skills in Teamplay and individual Skills in stearing any kind of Starship, they choose.
But regardless of that i think the PvP Tournament should take place 2 week after the Third Curriculum of the PvP BootCamp, where Teamplay stands on the Plan. So the newly educated Players could test they skills in a real Tournament.
It's important to give the new Players a little time to practice the new stuff and then see the effords in a fight 5 v 5 and the most important to that. They have one lesson left where they can discuss the Results of the Tournament.

So independent of the Classic PvP Tournament this Tournament should take place in that defined time periode.
You don't know how long the planing of the Classic PvP Tournament takes.


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