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# 129 First login to Gateway
02-03-2013, 02:43 PM
After clicking the link in Firefox (18.0.1) on Win7 x64, the login screen came up and I entered my details and code, which arrived quickly.

I had a click around and discovered that the details were from Tribble.

The first niggle I detected is on the "Officer Stations" screen, where it shows one of my BOFFS twice. This BOFF is the one that takes the universal position on my shuttle, but that isn't made obvious as there is just one ship image on the screen.

Clicking to my Captain Profile I see that all my ground equipment is missing, as someone else discovered. My face picture is blank too.

Going on to the Accolades screen I discover many graphical elements are out of keeping with the majority.

I clicked over to my KDF toon and discovered that my Captain image is missing, and my BOFF images. I imagine this is a temporary thing as I copied that toon over a very short while ago.


All in all, this is great. I like the idea and the execution. Maybe LCARS colours instead of the FED blue would make it look nicer, if that wouldn't involve more costs.

To improve the Officer Stations, it would help to only have the currently readied wessel's crew shown here, and as someone pointed out earlier, it would be nice if operational skills were distinct from non-operational ones.
A button to click for shuttle, or non-ready ships would be great.

I'll add a request for being able to tap into the chat system from here, not necessarily ESD and all those lovely conversations, but certainly the Fleet Chat.