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Taragi: Yes sir.

*He turns to leave the Bridge. He addresses to Officers.*

You and you, with me!

*10 minutes later. Taragi's Battle Group surrounds the convoy and hails them.*

This is Commodore Taragi of the Iconian Imperial Navy to Convoy, stand down and prepare to be boarded!

Convoy Captain: What? We've broken no laws! You have no right to--

Taragi: Fire.

*Taragi's vessel fires its main cannon, ripping through the lead ship and hitting two more.*

Will anyone else attempt to fill his shoes?

Sensor Officer: Sir, they have engaged their weapons systems.

Taragi: Think about this carefully, Terrans. Even if you do manage to damage our shields, you will be destroyed long before you can escape.

Sensor Officer: They have powered down.

Taragi: Good. Seize one of them.

Sensor Officer: And the rest?

Taragi: They have outlived their usefulness.

*As the Officers begin to follow his orders.*

No! Wait.

Cancel the boarding order and disengage the jamming field.

Sensor: Sir our orders were to seize--

Taragi: Our orders were to lure the Rebel Fleet out of hiding and that is what we will do!

Take cover in that asteroid belt on my order.

Target their engines. Make it look collateral.

Weapons Officer: Yes sir.

*Taragi's ship rips several of the Freighters apart before the Battle Group moves into an Asteroid Belt.

R.S.S. Republic.*

Freighter Captain *Over Comm, "..." represents static.*: This is Imperial Transport S.S. Asimo... request...istance. Engines go... need help... Mayday, may... May... day.

*The transmission cuts off.*

Sam: Where'd that signal come from?

Ops: Not far. Outside the nebula on Bearing 160 Mark 12.

David: How many signals are we registering?

Ops: 8, in total. 6 are very weak.

Sam: Trap?

David: If it was one ship, I'd say yes.

Sir, we're talking about hundreds of people, and they're Imperial Citizens. If we help them...

Sam: Agreed. Helm, set course to intercept the Freighters.

Sound General Quarters.

Signal the Fleet, R.S.S. Republic is leaving formation.

*The Republic leaves the Fleet and reaches the Freighter group.

Taragi's Command Ship.*

Taragi: Like lambs to the slaughter.

Target their engines! I want them alive!

*The ship fires, the blast ripping through an asteroid before impacting the Republic's shields, barely breaking through. Another ship fires an EMP Blast which deactivates the Republic as the Battle Group moves in.*

Prepare a boarding party. Find the Republic's transponder and bring it aboard.

Inform the Command Ship that we have successfully disabled the R.S.S. Republic.
Dorowa: *smiles as he watches Taragi enjoy his fun. *

It appears my discipline worked on him. Do not progress further. Keep an eye on the situation we do not want just one ship. We want the rest. How is the mine field progressing?

Tactical Officer: It is nearly finished sir. group Omega is finishing up as we speak.

Dorowa: Taragi. Do not kill all of them. The Diadect has been waiting patiently and we shall give him a gift. And a gift for the people.

Send a token force to see the job is done.

*The Rest of the fleet begins to run into the minefield and incur heavy damage as they try and scatter.*

*USS Odyssey and a couple of left over Klingon Birds of Prey (Kah class) then jump in and ensnare a trap of their own on Dorowa*

*Iconian vessel rumbles and shakes with turbulence *

Dorowa: Ah there he is. A worthy adversary.. Engage Battle plan Fral 54 and have disruptors ready.