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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
Unfortunately, most raptors suck alot against the federation escorts. The only raptor, I would consider as on par is the fleet Somraw, which is nevertheless either missing a 5th tac console or a higher turn rate.

The Fleet HoS'Sus can be used for both, hit and run tactics and constant damage. That make it very flexible. You also have less firepower than a fleet defaint, but can outmanouver nearly any ship with the turn rate.

Hit and run via massive spike damage is a one trick pony (like stealth attacks from rogues in other RPGs), which can be - without doubt - very effiecient and deadly. If it fails, you have no other option as to recloak and wait, until your spike damage abilities come back from cooldown.
And this is to no one in particular. Unless of course you put your escorts weps on autofire and hope for the best. I mean, that's what I do, I just have no illusions as to how silly it is to do so. But I also use all aoe in PVP. I think its pretty.

And again. This is JUST about PVP. In PVE sure man, really different thing!

I don't want to beat this to death. Maybe just wound it a little and let it die on its own. That's really the same trick ALL escorts have. Except they don't battlecloak. Before anyone reading this freaks out, that really is the game design for escorts. Sure there's been some bastardization with reducing cooldowns and increasing power levels so that many escorts or hybrids can firehose CRF's to degrees that were NOT in the original design. Sure those ****ed up builds are out there, and sure those Doffs can make cooldowns do things they shouldn't, but that doesn't change the basic premise. And the basic premise is that escorts need to stack enough damage to kill the target that they want to kill in a very short timeframe.

If you watch, most players really just don't have fire discipline. They waste thier cooldowns on hard targets, or they apply them in dribs and drabs and simply blunt the effectiveness of the escorts design. And autofire is silly and insignificant. There should be no DPS consideration. You shoot it. It dies. Or it doesn't. You wait and prepare for the next time you can make a significant attack. You don't just fly around spamming some sort of cycle. That's retarded.

So all that flying around not killing **** that escorts do, don't mistake that for something. There are very few moments when they can make meaningful strikes. IF they don't waste them. I mean there's two components. Escort needs to be ready and target needs to be ready to die. So all that flying around isn't really doing anything that a raider isn't doing inside of cloak.

Except being shot at. So yah there is that bonus escorts get.

Cheers happy flying!

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