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02-03-2013, 02:30 PM
*The battle over the transwarp gate is progressing. James' fleet is engaged in heated battle with Dorowa as the battle seems to be dead even. *

*Odyssey Bridge*

James: Its Dorowa no doubt now.

Wax: The Iconian is good no doubt about that. He lured Captain Allington out easily.

Texira: Our dispensers are keeping the Jamming off for now. They do have a tendency to fail when struck or left on for too long sir.

James: I know. *a console blows from behind and tosses crewmen around.*

Damon: That was our artificial gravity.

James: Have tech squads hurry and get it back.. *a thought occurs to him*

Wax what is the damage on the Iconain lead vessel?

Wax: It is moderately damaged shields are still up and are not budging not unless...

*thought occurs to him.*

You can't be serious Admiral..

*The magnetic forces are keeping everyone down and James smiles*

James: Yep.

*Everyone grins wide*

Miranda: You all are nuts..

*The odyssey soon engages its beam shields when dispensing its bits.. The Klingon vessels soon jump into the AT shield and stop to make it grow stronger and stronger and its moving toward the Iconains.*

Dorowa: What the ... What is that force coming at us?

Officer: The Jamming is having no affect on them they must have something to counter act it.

Dorowa: That is painfully obvious 20 minutes ago. They are using the AT shield to...

You are a crafty one Allen.