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Taragi: Sir, the Republic's transponder will allow me to enter the Nebula undetected and my vessel can destroy the Rebels before they have a chance to react.

*OOC: The commander of that fleet wouldn't make a run for the Gate that quickly. Besides, he knows it's been isolated. He would wait for the Republic to return.

So if you could retcon that part with the fleet running into the mines... thanks.

Guess who the Commander is when Sam's away.*

*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge. (A very similar Bridge to the Republic, but with slightly more advanced equipment.) Matt is wearing a Captain's rank bar and is standing in front of the viewer.*

Matt: R.S.S. Matthew Neilson to fleet, maintain position in the nebula.

Any word from Sam-- I mean, Captain Allington, yet?

Ops: Negative. Should we investigate?

Matt: Not yet. Sam's probably trying to help in salvaging the convoy.

XO: Or they could be under attack.

Matt: Thanks Bill, I needed that.


Yellow Alert.
*OOC: of course. *

Carver: *runs to Matt* Sir our dummy ship balloons worked they mined us in with type 100's self replicating as well. Right now Admiral Allen is proceeding with the plan.

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