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02-03-2013, 02:43 PM
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at this point i really think DHCs TT, and ES should be removed from the game completely. it would be interesting to see some premades face off banning these things and to see what they think.
Huh. If I was at a loss for words it wouldn't be me would it? But this makes me close. Very close to being at a loss. Then there was some bit about APO combined with Doffs reducing cooldowns a few posts later on.

Yah think?

You take the TT ability out and you really do need to take CRF out as well. ES who cares. All the shield buffs outside of RSP only really work well in the prescence of TT. That's a fact. Work WELL. Not AT ALL. Read carefully. A ship without TT may have to stack a couple shield resistances to have the same level of comfort that TT and any other shield ability gives. But then you get to why we need TT to do what it does, and it isn't just simply DHC's. There's a REASON DHC's can do what they do.

And APO. Hmmmm....who would think that just driving the cooldowns to the level where you could increase uptime of any ability and only use one copy of that ability could EVER be a good call to make? Seriously. Yah lets just double **** up and maybe no one will notice! Cooldowns are a core component of balance and such a degree of foolhardiness shouldn't even be discussed. It should be corrected.


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