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*Taragi's vessel.*

Taragi: Have you found it yet?!

Officer *Over comm*: Negative sir. We do, however, have Captain Allington and her Bridge Crew prisoner.

Taragi: Allington?

Is the Captain a woman?

Officer *Over comm*: What? Er... I mean - yes sir.

Taragi: Bring her back here. I have something in mind for her. Taragi out!

*He closes the channel and turns to the Comm Officer.*

How goes the Battle for Dorowa?

Comm Officer: Not well. Shall I dispatch the Tar'ken and the Dis'tar?

Taragi: Yes, send them to--

No, wait. We may need them if the Republic's crew by some small chance manages to effect an escape.

Comm Officer: But sir--!

Taragi: Our orders were to capture the rebel fleet, Lieutenant, and that is something we cannot do without the Republic's transponder. If our Supreme Commander wanted help, he would request it, would he not?

Comm Officer: But-- I mean... I suppose...

Yes sir.

Taragi: Good.

*He walks over to the Engineer.*

Run a level 5 diagnostic on the Communications sub-system.

Engineer: As you wish, but sir, that will cut off contact with the Fleet.

*Taragi smiles.*

Taragi: I know.
Dorowa: Engage weapons and fire our special gift.

Officer: Yes sir Arming Zeta Torpedoes

Dorowa: Fire..

*Several greenish yellow blips zip out and destroy the birds of Prey and strike blows on the Odyssey. More of the Federation fleet appears. and engages. *

*Odyssey bridge*

James: Lets drag this over to where the Republic is. Inform Carver that we are moving ahead with the plan by S21.

Emil: On it Admiral.

Wax: Our structural integrity is 84 percent our weapons systems are not responding all we have are our attack bits. Siri is still trying to crack the firewall.

Miranda: Initiating a counter to the effect of the torpedoes. I am going to need a set of tools here..

*One of the crewmen hands her a box full of tools as she is working fast.*

Dorowa: Contact Taragi..

Officer 2: We can't get through they are running a level 5 diagnostic.

Dorowa: *smiles* Well I think the humans have something up their sleeve to give him a nasty surprise.

*Damon gives a signal on Sam's end giving code of the change in plan.*