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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
so any thoughts on my D'kora blurb?? or are you avoiding that ship like the plague?
well, the dkora is ok, but i cant help but see it as a kdf cruiser with a fed turn rate, kind of in a zone of obscurity as far as my interest goes. basically any excelsior or regent build with slight tweaking will work well, and with good holds it may be able to use DHCs a bit, but those occurrences are going to much fewer and more far between then on a better turning cruiser like a vorcha or ktinga.

as far as an engineer captain goes, i cant recommend anything with that many tac stations for an engineer. the eng cant deal damage, its 2 potentially damage dealing abilities are made redundant in the face of weapons power overcaping. the dkora isn't an optimized heal boat at all, its a cruiser for a tac. but without ease of use for DHCs, its not able to easily use them.
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