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Originally Posted by babyfacez View Post
Sorry for dragging the discussion back to the lrsv, but I thought I might as well share what I've noticed after trying it out for two days.

I know it's probably due to me not doing it right and all, and granted just 2 days is too little, but I was rolling with the transphasic suggestion and I found it to be quite underwhelming. I know sci/sci shouldn't be about huge dps, but it felt like it didn't have "useful" weapons at all apart from the beam array :p the transphasic damage was laughable at best.

I haven't tried the plasma idea though. I habe a feeling it would be better. And sorry if this is newbish, but I'm not sure what mods to use for torps, as far as I started running pug pvp I just went straight for acc x3... Or is it overkill?

Boff wise it works like a charm rudiefix

And again my apologies for interrupting the d'kora talk :p
trans builds require tac consoles full of trans torp damage consoles, 3 or more are ideal. also, the mines do more damage then the torps. try more shield bypassing damage too, TBR, GW, FBP, a TB to hold someone in a mine dispersal pattern, stuff like that. particle gens also buff the damage of all those sci skills
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