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Dorowa: Engage weapons and fire our special gift.

Officer: Yes sir Arming Zeta Torpedoes

Dorowa: Fire..

*Several greenish yellow blips zip out and destroy the birds of Prey and strike blows on the Odyssey. More of the Federation fleet appears. and engages. *

*Odyssey bridge*

James: Lets drag this over to where the Republic is. Inform Carver that we are moving ahead with the plan by S21.

Emil: On it Admiral.

Wax: Our structural integrity is 84 percent our weapons systems are not responding all we have are our attack bits. Siri is still trying to crack the firewall.

Miranda: Initiating a counter to the effect of the torpedoes. I am going to need a set of tools here..

*One of the crewmen hands her a box full of tools as she is working fast.*

Dorowa: Contact Taragi..

Officer 2: We can't get through they are running a level 5 diagnostic.

Dorowa: *smiles* Well I think the humans have something up their sleeve to give him a nasty surprise.

*Damon gives a signal on Sam's end giving code of the change in plan.*
Taragi: I knew Dorowa wouldn't be able to handle that pathetic old man.

Tactical, lock weapons on the Odyssey and prepare to fire main battery.

Weapons: Aye sir.

Taragi: They won't stand a chance. Let them get close. Even if they evade the Main cannon, our secondary beams will tear them apart.

*Sam is dragged onto the Bridge.*


*Taragi walks over.*

Captain Allington.

Sam: Commodore Taragi I presume?

Taragi: First Commander Taragi, actually. Once your rebel friends succeed in destroying the Command Vessel, the Supreme Council will have no choice but to put me in command.

Sam: Nice ambition. Too bad you won't get a chance to carry it out.

Taragi: I'm sorry, which one of us is the prisoner here, Captain?

Sam: I take it you weren't briefed on my little problem.

*Sam's eyes slowly start glowing blue.*

Taragi: Actually...

*One of the guards fits a collar around her neck, and the glow stops.*

That collar absorbs Veil energy. Your friend can't help you this time.

Sam: She's not from the Veil.

Taragi: Really?

*Sam is hit by sudden pain as the collar starts glowing red.*

It also absorbs Twilight Energy and turns it back on the host body. Like a Whale kept in water, you will drown.

Sensor: Sir! The Odyssey is closing!

Taragi: Excuse me.

*Taragi walks over onto the Command Level.*


*The Main Battery fires at the Odyssey. Without AT shields, the force of the impact will destroy the Odyssey when it hits.*

OOC: Take evasive action!

Seriously, Taragi is a cunning tactician.

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