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Originally Posted by daedalus304 View Post
not all the time, If im not mistaken once you quit, they wouldnt give a damn.

or they would.

either way, I remember in DS9 when worf was introduced as a new cast member, he and sisko talked about his continuing service to starfleet, worf considered joining some alliance or something, it wasnt federation. and it seemed that anyone can join. sisko didnt care much or call it treason.

but if they do, then hell you have an incentive for PVP.
Taking a ship to a rival government would be theft of Federation property, and thus treason. It's the same thing as an American submarine captain taking his sub and joining the Russians or the Chinese -- you just don't do that!

There was an episode of TNG where a Romulan had stolen intel from the Romulan government to give to the Federation, in an effort to avert a crisis. He was still a Romulan patriot, to the point that he destroyed the ship he came on to prevent the Federation from getting their hands on Romulan technology... and he was still considered a traitor by the Romulan government, and certainly would never have had a place in Starfleet given his past affiliation.

Now, if Cryptic just made it a retrait/refaction token that took your character and allowed you to change the species, and gave you comparable ships to what you had before, that would be another thing. Just allow you to take all that progress you made on one character and completely rewrite that character's history, like a faction change in WoW.