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Taragi: I knew Dorowa wouldn't be able to handle that pathetic old man.

Tactical, lock weapons on the Odyssey and prepare to fire main battery.

Weapons: Aye sir.

Taragi: They won't stand a chance. Let them get close. Even if they evade the Main cannon, our secondary beams will tear them apart.

*Sam is dragged onto the Bridge.*


*Taragi walks over.*

Captain Allington.

Sam: Commodore Taragi I presume?

Taragi: First Commander Taragi, actually. Once your rebel friends succeed in destroying the Command Vessel, the Supreme Council will have no choice but to put me in command.

Sam: Nice ambition. Too bad you won't get a chance to carry it out.

Taragi: I'm sorry, which one of us is the prisoner here, Captain?

Sam: I take it you weren't briefed on my little problem.

*Sam's eyes slowly start glowing blue.*

Taragi: Actually...

*One of the guards fits a collar around her neck, and the glow stops.*

That collar absorbs Veil energy. Your friend can't help you this time.

Sam: She's not from the Veil.

Taragi: Really?

*Sam is hit by sudden pain as the collar starts glowing red.*

It also absorbs Twilight Energy and turns it back on the host body. Like a Whale kept in water, you will drown.

Sensor: Sir! The Odyssey is closing!

Taragi: Excuse me.

*Taragi walks over onto the Command Level.*


*The Main Battery fires at the Odyssey. Without AT shields, the force of the impact will destroy the Odyssey when it hits.*

OOC: Take evasive action!

Seriously, Taragi is a cunning tactician.
*OOC: I know. But You don't know what I had in mind.

James: Texira now.

*Texira shuts her eyes and the ship banks downward and hard as does the rest of the ships comepletly dodging it. Dorowa's vessel dodges it as well but the blast wipes out 2 friendly vessels. The attack bits and Siri cracks into the systems and inhibits the ships shields and causes an overload that causes the consoles throughout the ship explode killing more and damaging the collar. *

James: Miranda are you done my dear.

Miranda: Don't call me that and yes the affect of the torpedoes is gone.

Wax: Firing weapons

James: Open fire all vessels now.

*The vessels soon start bearing down on Taragi. *

*Dorowa's vessel*

Dorowa: Idiot.. Allen played you...

At least I have an excuse for my failure we had no idea of the AT shield being used in that manner.

Batteries shoot to disable.. Unleash the Zeta Torpedoes. Fire the main gun in weak volleys. Bail Taragi out of that mess he is in.