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02-03-2013, 04:25 PM
Well, a lot of the boff layout looks like the kind of thing I run, so I'm not going to be arguing with it too much. To replace FBP you might think about an Energy Siphon. It doesn't conflict with much (I don't know whether it conflicts with PH or Tractor, but it doesn't with anything else), and provides a decent buff to your own power even if it doesn't do much else.

As far as equipment, I've always thought broadside sci would have limited effectiveness between the high power drain and the need to turn back and forth all the time to use both your weapons and abilities, but the Nova is good at turning, so if it's working for you go with it. The other options are a torp heavy build (2 quantums fore with 3 Projectile Weapons Officer doffs and a torp ability, others a DBB and rear turrets) which can be effective but suffers against shielded targets (especially since the shield drains are all so badly nerfed), a 2xDBB, 1 torp/3 turret build which has probably the best unbuffed DPS, or a 2xSingle Cannon, 1 torp/3 turret build which probably has the best buffed DPS at close range, but misses out on subsystem targeting. Also try running without one of the neutroniums for a bit to see how it goes, those are the slots I'd tend to put Universal consoles in, like the Assimilated Module and Zero Point Energy Conduit, both of which you should get as soon as you can (I always run my sci ships without any armor for PvE since it doesn't do much for me, but your experiences may differ).

For your skills, the first thing I notice is that you've maxed out a number of your power skills. That's almost never worth doing, the benefit is just tiny (see here for details: and the cost in points is very significant. Also, why all the emphasis on Sensors? Are there that many cloaked enemies in PvP, and does it help that much? For PvE I've always run entirely without it, and never regretted it. If you decide against it, you can save a ton of skill points and a console slot. Things it would be good to have would be Starship Projectile Weapons, 3 points or so in EPS and Efficiency, and probably some Specialization for your main weapons.