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*OOC: I know. But You don't know what I had in mind.

James: Texira now.

*Texira shuts her eyes and the ship banks downward and hard as does the rest of the ships comepletly dodging it. Dorowa's vessel dodges it as well but the blast wipes out 2 friendly vessels. The attack bits and Siri cracks into the systems and inhibits the ships shields and causes an overload that causes the consoles throughout the ship explode killing more and damaging the collar. *

James: Miranda are you done my dear.

Miranda: Don't call me that and yes the affect of the torpedoes is gone.

Wax: Firing weapons

James: Open fire all vessels now.

*The vessels soon start bearing down on Taragi. *

*Dorowa's vessel*

Dorowa: Idiot.. Allen played you...

At least I have an excuse for my failure we had no idea of the AT shield being used in that manner.

Batteries shoot to disable.. Unleash the Zeta Torpedoes. Fire the main gun in weak volleys. Bail Taragi out of that mess he is in.
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