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Originally Posted by cokebear View Post
Indeed. I was so excited about getting the higher, more-military collar uniform from Yesterday's Enterprise that I was going to outfit one of my entire crews with it. Instead, we didn't even get a fully accurate version of the belt.

You've been so good with uniforms recently, Cryptic. Why did you make a complete hash of this? The key components of the Y.E. uniforms are the differences in the sleeves and collars. Why ignore that?

I appreciate it a lot when you put in the effort, but this just seems like you shovelled it out after an intern threw it together. It's just sad, really.
I really have to say that i have the suspicion they hate TNG and most things related to it.
They made a sloppy TNG (series) uniform. For me it looks like worn for 20 years every day.
They made the TNG phaser (the cobra Phasers) only Stun and Wide Beam (totally useless IMHO), while (strangely) compression pistols look like standard Sci Fi pistols.
They made the Galaxy Class, the most passive, slow, defensive and boring Cruiser in the Game!
While the Excelsior and Ambassador (the Galaxys precursors) are unequally more useful and way more fun to fly.

And now we got the YE Belt, which doesn't look like the Belt from that episode at all.
I wouldn't have come to that conclusion if other things would have been treated equal bad, but strangely the TNG movie (late DS9) uniform looks great. The Defiant is a awesome ship. The Intrepid is a extraordinary good science ship, especially its Fleet version. Not to speak of the DS9/Voyager uniform, which is really well made (at least it looks new).

One could say these are just coincidences, but i can see a pattern there just as well.
Initially, i thought the lack of fighting, war and "exiting" action at TNG, is what the devs do not like. But when i see the YE Belt (which is refering to a paralel universe not unlike the one STO is set) i tend to belive the simply hate TNG for no special reason.
Otherwise i can't explain the poor quality of which some TNG related things in STO are made of.

Now after years of begging for a Yesterdays Enterprise uniform, we got this "thing", that isn't even a Uniform, it's just a ugly Belt and some just as ugly chest gear, but NOT a uniform.
I wonder why the DS9 pack, especially the Admirals uniform looks way better?
Why do we see the Bridge of the Defiant (or a similar ship) as soon as we start the game?
Why is this game so focused on Firepower and why do escorts have to be the only ones being able to produce a satisfying amount of it?
Why did the devs degrade Crusiers (which are the iconic ships of Star Trek) to serve as healers for their beloved Escorts?
Why can't these big ships be just as deadly as those small annoying (funkilling) escorts?

I think they should be at least be honest enough and delete the name "Star Trek" from their game. Because i think they aren't interested in making a Star Trek game at all, they just use the name to attract a lot of people, but if you look closely at STO, you will notice that STO has not much in common with Star Trek.
Most things that differ Star Trek from generic Sci Fi are completely ignored by Craptic and work like in a generic Sci Fi setting.
(Stone/Paper/Scissor ship mechanics, never ending wars and so on)

So i try NOT to see STO as a Star Trek game, so for me it is just a Sci Fi game.

Sorry, but when it comes to this topic i tend to get upset very easily.

...and yes i am disappointed too with that "uniform".

I absolutely hate the Galaxy class slow turnrate and its BOFF & Console layout.