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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Antoniosalieri, what you've posted is a perfect example of a fail build. You need to pick a role and stick to it, either fully into tet glider or fully into spike damage. As it stands, you've built something that is mediocre at both.
I don't think I'll take fail build advice from you hurly look me up in game any time you want to see how fail such a build is.... @husanak I should be on your friends list. lol

Seriously thought for reasons people have pointed out full energy does not work anymore all 4 cannons does these days is recharge shields for people... or boost there resists, if there running Dbag shields. You need torps... running just 1 is a terrible idea as we all know... for torps to work you have to have them up all the time. Which is why you really need 2+doffs. I know the build I listed goes against everything we have done for 3 years... but it honestly works better then I expected DC dmg sucks but it seems to allow glider to do its thing... the KCB proc really heals that as well.... as wrong as it seems it works. Overload builds suck mostly now for spike as the stupid shield regens / resists are just out of hand... I found 2 DC + 2 turrets was just enough to get facings... I did try 4 dc to test with and it was procing shield junk like mad.

The days of the 4 dhc escorts are over imo... unless cryptic does something about the out of hand shield junk they have added.
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