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Originally Posted by polie05 View Post
Most people do run a nuet, at lest one of them. In a team how si the ZOMG ITZ TURNZ rate so op? The answer is, it's not. For all you people that cry thats it's so op are just not skilled players. It IS the best escort in game, hands down; but there are other ships that are equally as good in different categories. Your blaming on being pop'ed in the Jem and not for your own skill set. These days it seems like people have to blame something/someone else for failing and not themselves. (ZOMG ITZ HAX!) Second, thsoe that QQ about the Jem space set have no clue what they are talking about. It has a proc to strip 1 ability and then an immunity is applied. The set its self is not that great, the borg/maco set IS better.

SO go back to your "wack-a-spacebar" build and prepare to get pwn over and over again by skilled players.

ermmm.... I call BS on your "Skill" claim-it takes NO skill to run a Bugship, just money and/or time to buy it.

Most of that time, incidentally, would be spent on PvE, as in EC grinding, with some Doffing along the way.

An UN_BUFFED JHAS is as good as a lot of ships can temporarily get with buffs and rep passives, there is no 'skill' involved beyond the barest of basics to running one.

Let us go over this again...

Turn rate of a Bird of Prey (but without the disadvantages)
Shields of a Cruiser (but without the disadvantages)
One of the best Hull strengths you can get on an Escort (matches some cruisers, even)
Universal Bridge officer slots (you don't get that on FedScorts or Raptors)
High Impulse modifer (there may be some fighters that can match this)
Five tac consoles (the other ships with 5 TC's sacrifice heavily for them-only the Jem ship sacrifices NOTHING for it...)

1 sci slot you'll never actually need.

and you say it's not OP.

B.S., it's not OP, it's Munchkin. It's the kid who used to show up for a D&D game with all 18's on his stat sheet, and a Legendary Relic magic item he found under the cupboard at home (and for a 'flaw' a "Tragic Past" that reads like a particularly bad form of marysue fanfiction.) It's munchkin to the level of the guy who shows up to the Battletech game with his Clan/Mixed tech custom assembled out of cherry-picked items from Maxtech, with the 0/0 pilot with EI and DNI implants (buffered, of course), myomer subcutaneous armor, etc. to ignore pilot a 3025 setting.

It's an Ewok with more Darkside points than the EMPEROR, (and his own private sun-crusher) level.

Okay, maybe that last bit was an exaggeration.

but don't pretend it takes ANY skill to run this thing, don't lie to yourself that way. No skills are actually NEEDED to run a Bugship save one: "Hit Spacebar and steer on Autofire".
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