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02-03-2013, 04:27 PM

Welcome back!! Might I suggest you review the following: The Hilbert Guide, The STO Skill Planner, and the various builds specific to the type ship you are most interested in. There is a PVP boot camp already in effect too but if you like PM me and I can discuss what has been covered thus far... I am aware you said you were mainly interested in PVE but when it comes to ship builds and planning, the PVP stuff works a treat in PVE especially.

Regarding ships, really depends on what your taste is. Wonders can be done with a Tact captain with the fleet Excelsior, Regent and 3 pack Vesta. Many swear by the Oddy as well but if your use to ships with maneuverability (i.e. Defiant) I would warn you that it is comparatively sluggish. As for escorts, based on what I have been told and have seen and used personally, the best ships thus far are the Defiant Retrofit (many prefer the Fleet version); the Steam Runner (Can be purchased via Steam itself and is better spec wise than the Fleet Defiant); and if you can afford to be patient and take your time the Temporal Destroyer is pretty nifty as is the infamous 'Bug Ship'... which I suspect will inevitably be sold via the Lobi store eventually given that the new set of Jem'Hadar ships now require the bug ship to get one of the special powers that comes with all owned ships.

The Thunderchild is quite popular as well (and has a pretty nifty name). Also, last but not least, the new T5 Ambassador (available only during the three year anniversary event) is pretty decent too and in my opinion on par with the Excelsior. Having both the difference is minimal depending on your build of course. I would have added the Breen ship in the mix but your outta luck, no longer available to anyone now nor can you buy one because it was bound on pick up after the Winter event.

So there you go, plenty to think about. The only other thing I would add is that the Hilbert guide is pretty awesome. Frankly, the majority of special consoles are gimmicky and inevitably a straight out build for pure DPS is the way to go. However, that being said, enjoy the game and what it has to offer. Many of the special consoles do provide some entertainment every now and then. Up to you.
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