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Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
You probably want one of the escorts, they can get decent survivability (although anything will die to the newly buffed ESTF Borg occasionally) and tons of firepower. Some people will say that the Vesta can do as much and more, but really it can only just about match the DPS of an escort, without bringing any capabilities that an MVAE doesn't and while lacking much of the mobility of an escort. Whichever escort you choose your survivability should come from chained TT1 (either with 2 copies or one with some doffs), chained EPtS (either 1 and 2 or 1 with Damage Control Engineers, but the latter is a lot less reliable), and TSS1 and HE2 on sci. With the MVAE you'll want a GW1 for sci as well, that saves the optional in probably a third of the ISEs I run.
I'm ... honestly not sure what half those acronyms meant, but I think I figured it out. Thanks.

... That's weird. I"ve got the Odyssey. It says I've got the Odyssey Bridge/Interior selected in customization, but its not the bridge I've seen in all the vids. Is it because I got this one during the last anniversary?

Okay, ultimately it looks like I'm looking at trying one of two builds/layouts.

Pure DPS in the Retrofitted Defiant, an Survivable DPS in the Odyssey. What skills should I be looking at?

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