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02-03-2013, 05:38 PM
So i switched to the plasma setup, and i find it does much better than the transphasic one. Does this seem like it can get the job done or do i have to make more changes? :

Fore: Romulan plasma torp, Omega Plasma torp, Disruptor Beam Array [Acc]x3
Aft: Plasma Torp [Acc]x3, 2x Plasma Mines [CrtH]x3

I'm planning to replace the Disruptor beam with the Romulan Experimental beam for the 2 piece bonus (and eventually work on getting the 3 piece) when I have enough dilithium..that 8k a day refine is pretty slow. Or do you think it's not worth to lose the Accuracy in pvp? And does Disruptor proc (if im lucky enough) add more DoT from plasma?

Console wise,

Engi: 2x SIF Generator, 1x Neutronium
Sci: 4x Emitter Array
Tac: 1x Ambiplasma, 1x Theta Radiation Vent

In terms of Boffs it is the same as what rudiefix1 suggested (props to him),

EptS1, EptS2
HE1, HE2, VM1, VM3
Trb1, TSS2, ST3

Doffs are same as rudiefix's suggestion as well,

2x VM Doffs, 2x Development Sci doffs, 1x Torp Doff

Borg Deflector Mk XI (for graviton + bonus Aux)
Borg Engine Mk XI (for 2 piece bonus)
MACO XII Resilient Shields

Basically, it pretty obviously is a mix and match of 3 different builds (DDIS's plasma wells/Mavairo's Pyro Intrepid loadout, rudiefix's LRSV boff/doff layout).

Would removing the token ambiplasma envelope in tac (and replacing it with a Zero Point energy console/ Ablative generator) hamper the performance of the ship? It doesnt seem to drop the dps all too much on tooltip but i am having some reservations about it since i'm already running another theta console, or should i ditch that instead?..having 2 slots used on 3m cooldowns is kind of apprehensive...what do you guys think?

And instead of the Maco shields, would using the 3-piece borg be decent? That would potentially free up a TrB1 slot for a PH1 or something else. Or is it just not worth it since it does seem to be trying to do way too much in one build?

Thanks for taking the time to review this

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