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02-03-2013, 06:25 PM
I accept that they aren't going away. Honest. It would just be nice to see past them to whats borked get that fixed, and then maybe take a sensible approach to building upon a firm base.

And its really not just APO. It's that APO is where it is in the land of Boff's and that it is built upon the very broken acc/def/crit. TT at least is very low in the land of Boff skills so any ship can easily have it. Sorta sad that a Sci Ship NEEDS a tac skill to really make its shields balance to the point where they can withstand a determined alpha. And with TT being such a key component well where's my protection from VM or Subnuc now? Well it's on CD if I even have a copy. So. Huh. I need TT just to make my shields perform the way I need them to so I can survive BECAUSE of this broken mechanic and now ST and ET just get brushed aside. Cause MAYBE I can eat one subnuc. Maybe I can eat one VM. But I can't eat one Alpha! Okay some ships may be able to. But then we'd be splitting hairs.
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