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Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
assuming a fast ship with 5 tac consoles and a slow ship with 5 eng consoles

while the tac consoles stack, because its a % base dmg added, the plating consoles dont stack as a percentage, they stack using a formula to not allow plating to reach more than 75%, its impossible, so:

assuming mk xii purple consoles

5 tac consoles : +150% of the damage

5 eng plating consoles: ( 40 dmg res magnitude each console)
1 console : 28% damage resistance
2 consoles: 43% dmg res
3 consoles: 51%
4 consoles : 57%
5 consoles: 61%

what you prefer ? 5 tac consoles and 3 engineering on a fast ship
or 5 engineer consoles and 3 tac on a slow ship loosing the turn rate, loosing 60% damage but winning a mere 10%dmg resistance ?

come on ! stop saying cruisers are ok ... where in the world low turn rate and 10% dmg resistance is the same as 60% more dmg and higher turn rate ?

those words are so right, more than 3 engineering consoles is almost useless on pvp in cruisers while you get useless boff layouts too

yes escorts can tank, speed tank ( which almost compensate that little less hull compared to cruisers ),and if you add all those free procs, heals, buffs and stuff you get from sets, tiers, doffs and all kinda stuff like that, escorts benefit more from that than cruisers. Escorts tank almost the same as cruisers, because 20% resistance on escorts is the same on cruisers, 20% of placate is the same, 10% of crit is the same, so why you need a cruiser ? go for the escort, deals 1000000000x more damage and tanks the same

Remove the movement protection of Attack Pattern Omega and one aspect that has given the false impression of ubertoughness of the Escort is gone.
The great wealness of Escorts have always been stopping them in their tracks. Something that currently has been partially removed thanks to Attack Pattern Omega being a minor Polarize Hull.

Frankly I never why it needed both a defensive buff and movement protection buff.

true story again ...
you almost cant stop an escort, because of apo, thats why they can dmg, because they are allways where they want to be, if apo didnt give that movement prottection, it would make it to use a polarize hull to stop tractor beams or something, APO gives it all, prottection, defense, attack, and a doff with crazy cooldown reduction
Aren't there consoles that are slotted in Engineering slots which improve a remote repair/support role? Why wouldn't you be using those if you're in a Cruiser?

There are plenty of doffs that boost a support Cruisers main role (to repair/resist buff an ally). Instead of directly comparing the 2 wouldn't it be better to compare how well they can do their main role? Is there something lacking in a Fed support Cruiser's ability to support it's teammates? If so wouldn't it be better to address that?