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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
I would go with these 2 as they are made for Tacs and there is also the Armitage.

Refitted Defiant-class
MVAM Prometheus-class
I'm putting together a test Defiant build now, using that Hilbert Guide as a guideline.

The one thing I don't like about it, is that it's an all-cannon build, and the last time I checked, the All-Cannon build drained weapon power way too fast. So I'm mixing in a couple Quantum Torpedo Mk XI launchers into the mix and adjusting the load-out to match.

Here's what I've got

Ship Loadout

Forward Arc
3x Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons Mk XI (Purple)
1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII (Purple)

Full Aegis Set

Rear Arc
2x Phaser Turret Mk XI (Purple)
1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI (Purple)

20x Shields Battery
20x Engine Battery

Engineering Consoles
Universal Cloaking Device
RCS Accelerator Mark XI (Blue)
Neutronium Alloy Mark XI (Blue)

Science Consoles
Universal Assimilated Console
Field Generator Mark XI (Blue)

Tactical Consoles
Prefire Chamber Mk XI (Blue)
Phaser Relay Mk XI (Blue)
Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI (Blue)
Warhead Yield Chamber Mk XI (Purple)

Skill Loadout

Cmdr. Tactical
Tactical Team I
Attack Pattern Delta I
Torpedo: High Yield III
Cannon: Rapid Fire III

Lt. Cmdr. Tactical
Tactical Team I
Cannon: Scatter Volley I
Attack Pattern Omega I

Ensign Tactical
Torpedo: Spread I

Lt. Engineering
Emergency Power to Shields I
Auxiliary Power to SIF I

Lt. Science
Science Team I
Transfer Shield Strength I

So what needs tweaking?

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