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*The bits soon explode ripping the other systems up on Taragi 's vessel.. Soon Boarding parties soon board the vessel and surround the living Iconians. James himself in a sort of muscle suit. Along with most of the crew. *

James: Stand down Commodore.. Your ship is heavily damaged and your men are surrounded.

*Men come to Taragi and disarm him and take him into custody. *

*Wax rips off the damaged collar off Sam.*

James: We have what we came for and a bit extra. Bring Dorowa on the comm if possible.

*channel open*

James: Supreme Commander Dorowa stand down. We have captured this vessel and its crew. We are now going to demand that you leave us alone. I respect your capabilities and yourself Dorowa. You are perhaps the only person so far that has my respect.

We will return the crew minus Taragi.

*Dorowa's Vessel stops. Dorowa enters the channel.*

Dorowa: We meet again Admiral.. Your request is something.. You may not have the vessel. As our Emperor is coming here. If you leave the ship and leave the crew you may leave. I am enjoying this cat and mouse Admiral.. We want the transponder from the Republic. Since we have reinforcements coming Admiral you have no choice..

James: Very well then. I do not wish to face your leader yet today.

*Channel ends. *

James: Take him and give them a transponder

Wax: Are you nuts?

James: Trust me we are not ready to take these guys on yet.

plus who says we are going to give them the transponder they want. I have one such thing prepared.

*Looks as Sam gets up.*

*The engineers beam a identical transponder clearly of the same make. *

James: Lets go. Take Taragi with us.

*They leave as soon as they came and leave the duplicate transponder. Taragi finds himself in the brig locked away securely.*

*The ships tow the republic to the nebula to meet up with Matthew and go through the transwarp gate.*

*Dorowa boards the damaged vessel and goes to one of the officers. *

Dorowa: Where is Taragi?

Officer: they took him..

Dorowa: Well at least I don't have to watch my tea now.

We have what we need don't we.
Diadact: I am hoping you have what you where sent for. I will be there shortly to check your progress.