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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
The 'efficient captain' trait also boost 4 passives +10 in space. The alien chars. and the availability to use 4 player chosen skills? Should we begin nefring everything?
Efficient captain gives +15 starship warp core efficiency those days, one boff with efficient gives +7.5 to the same.. that trait isn't all that OP as you make it sound and doesn't really compare well at all with the situation of cats on ground.

If you face a spacer with efficient in space and you don't have that trait the battle is far from being decided already. if two equal good tac's cat vs non-cat meet the outcome is easily predictable. There is no space analogy to cats really, cats are dominating ground pvp and if you'd be a ground pvp veteran like buccaneer you'd know. The biggest glaring issue of cats isn't even really that extra catty-lunge, its the cat-only extra dodge.
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