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# 1 Drek'Hi Dreadnought MY WISH
02-03-2013, 08:33 PM
Drek'Hi Dreadnought

Type: Dreadnought Carrier
Hull: 45000
Shield Mod: 1.2
Weapons: 4/3 (down from 4/4)
Crew: 4000
Bridge Officers: Tac3/Tac2/Engi4/Any2/Sci1
Device slots: 3 (down from 4)
Consoles: Tac4/Engi4/Sci2
Turn Rate: 5.5
Inertia rating: 30
Bonus Power: +10 to shields and weapons (down from +10 to all)
Hangar Bays: 2
Abilities: Gre'thor Rift

Gre'thor Rift: just like a gravity well but calls in S'Kul fighters and Tortured Soul's as well. This ability comes from a console.
Also this ship can use the console from the Kar'Fi Battle Carrier and it can use the Console from the Drek'Hi Dreadnought.

This is my dream ship I'm posting this because I would like to place the idea of this ship in the mind of some one from cryptic, and hopefully see this ship.

Edit: This is the ship

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