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02-03-2013, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Usually the explanation is simple: the beam cruiser pilot sucks.

How many good beam cruiser pilots are there? If you exclude the main healers, there really aren't many good players flying these things.

I used to have great success with my tac/fleet excelsior, but now that T4 heals are more widespread, it's futile to shoot a target that has even a little bit of shield resists. Forcing a player to use heals on themselves beyond the self-only EPtS and the occasional ET is almost impossible.

If you like, we can test this sometime and see how my tac/excelsior performs against your ship. Maybe there is a variable that I haven't noticed yet.
sure hilbert, next time i log on and see you in opvp chat ill pm you. ill also put on any sheild you would like me to run. i have borg mk11 omega 12 and maco 12 as well as adopted.