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# 1 Cryptic should give up...
02-03-2013, 10:50 PM
After reading Peregrine Falcon's informative history on Cryptic and the Klingon Empire. It appears that in three years, Cryptic have been consistently lying and manipulating their player base. It is sad to see Star Trek used in this way, I've never been overly enthralled with the Klingon Empire so I never noticed before but I really feel for Klingon players due to what they have had to put up with from Cryptic.

Cryptic had made consistent mistakes on both the Federation and Klingon side and now they want to bring in a third faction as well? I think its about time they admitted that they just cannot cope with the scope of the project and give it over to somebody who can.

Unfortunately, I fear that things are only going to get worse when the lockboxes and ships are going to wear thin over the gaping lack of content. Why should Stahl and the rest of the team care about the monster they created? Not with people signing their paychecks each month with lock-boxes.

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