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02-03-2013, 10:05 PM
I am waiting for May's update to see if Cryptic has completely screwed over the KDF faction. If they introduce a new playable faction and KDFs aren't at the level that Feds were at launch, then they have screwed up. It is possible to have two well designed factions in one major update, but considering their past, then it is not surprising that most people doubt that they can do it. Cryptic had a really short development time which initially screwed up the KDF faction. They should have just done the Federation faction, then introduce the KDF faction later instead of releasing the KDF faction as a PvP faction. Then there was the problem of Atari screwing over Cryptic since they obviously wanted to just sell Cryptic and not provide a decent budget. Even after PWE took over and hired a bunch of people, it takes time for employees to be properly trained and develop content. Hopefully, STO is done with all the idiocy that has hindered the development of this game.