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02-03-2013, 10:34 PM
I got bored of reading the pigeon english spelling, pot stirring and PVE player inaccuracies after page 3 so:

Pound for pound i think the Jemmy is over powered. I thought so before i got one and i still think so. But there are SO MANY Jemmies around it doesen't matter anymore. After the previous Q Wonderland they were still a rarety, kept at the 800-1Billion mark. But since then they've been re-released twice by our greedy game developers. They are now HALF the price they once were. A car was "OP" before everyone got one. Now cars are pretty normal.

This subject has become tedius. It usually flares up because of the same few who don't yet own one wanting to make it clear they don't for whatever reason. Before i may have been the same. But JHAS' are so common now anything special about them is lost in the mix. Get over it.

On the subject of "Oh noes! If somebody has these new consoles equipped they'll be in perma-godmode!!11" - no, because that involves 160million EC's worth of devotion that won't really pay off unless the player is with a decent team that can exploit the 2 consoles properly. Get over it.

As i said, the subject is tedius, kids. We've had these topics for over a year now, since then the ship has been buffed. They put it where it is for a good reason. It makes Cryptic lots of money every time. And as long as total idiots pay fistfuls for it while i can so far grind to buy TWO of them, the world is fine in my book. They're paying so i don't have too.