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When I fly my Siege Destroyer on the KDF side, I can get some amazing shots in with this ship. Today I scored a 50K+ Crit on a Borg target, and I hit some generators for 30K + each. The amazing part is my KDF is a science toon.

Now Fed side, all three toons have a Galaxy X. Even on my Tac with a phaser-only build I'm lucky if I get 2-5K and it rarely crits.

As seen in All Good Things, the Galaxy X managed to take out an opposing vessel in one volley. As it stands in game it's less powerful than a single torpedo strike.

From what I remember this was nerfed quite awhile ago because of balance issues -- certain folks were concerned that the Feds had an I-Win button that could cloak.

Here we are today, both sides have more toys to play with and folks have a better understand of PVP builds. Can we turn the damage back up on the Lance so it is on par with the Javelin?

Or failing that can we tweak the Javelin so it is as weak and useless as the Lance is?