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02-03-2013, 11:33 PM
To bring the caitian/feresian issue into some perspective.

If it weren't for cats, the choices for ground pvp characters that could compete on an even footing would look something like this:

Ideal for a wide variety of builds:

Alien (fed and kdf) ------- highly customizable
Andorian (fed) ------------- cold resistance (build vs cold gun)
Klingon (fed and kdf) ---- superior versions of widely valuable passives, able to stack Covert and Honorable
Orion female (kdf) -------- activatable placate

Potentially interesting for specific builds / counter-builds.

Gorn (kdf) ------------------ powerful passives, although very limiting
Lethean (kdf) ------------- If I recall correctly, Rapture can be used while cloaked
Bajoran (fed) -------------- ideal for selfish-medic or medic-supported supertanking engineer
Saurian (fed) -------------- fire resistance (build vs physicist)
Tellarite (fed) ------------- interesting possibilities for a selfish-medic, engitank, or maybe (depending on whether Pig-Headed buffs mines) enemy neutralization

As it is, your options are:
Caitian (fed) -------- ideal for all builds
Feresian (kdf) ------ ideal for all builds

or: select any other race, and compete at a disadvantage

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