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02-04-2013, 12:04 AM
The anime Starship Operators is pretty much the manual on what a Star Trek anime should look and feel like.

Good thing too, as the anime which could also be abbreviated to STO is free of the CBS stranglehold on IP and could write its story any way it wished. The effort needed to make a Star Trek Japanese modern visual animation just to get CBS to allow ANYTHING would just kill it in the womb.

I could quote another more recent example. Moretsu Pirates is another that is unabashedly inspired by Kirks everywhere. Even has a good ol' Spock-type 1st officer as a tsundere. And that's where we'll be getting our Star Trek anime fixes.

But if, if in somehow IF, like Q-level appearing and finger-snapping IF, CBS decides to take a leaf out of Marvel's books and start enlisting JC Staff to build the next Star Trek Operators, then I hope they accept my name/storyboard, Task Force 374.

Its my roleplay in Star Trek Online, but it was written to have the feel and pacing of a cross between modern visual influences like moe archetypes and character stylings, a handpicking of STO's missions and Foundries, and of course the best bits of TNG.
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