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02-04-2013, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by vexashen View Post
try this.

cmd tac: tt1, bo2, rapid 2, OMEGA 3 <---- VERY important
ltcmd: tt1, rapid 1, omega 1
let eng, epts1, epts2
lt sci: he1, tss2
ens tac: torp high yield 1

also... whoever told you that bit about tac consoles... stop taking their advice. run field generators in your sci slots or 2 of the embassy - threat consoles and put the assimilated in the eng slot

also human boffs do stack the leadership trait but only the ones slotted on your ship
wouldn't one Embassy -Threat Console and one Field Generator work better than two Embassy -Threat Consoles?

And about the Assimilated Console in the Engineering slots, should I cut the Monotanium Alloy I am currently running or the Neutronium Alloy? I am currently running one of each along with a Tachyokinetic Converter in the 3 Engineering slots.