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02-04-2013, 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by rudiefix1 View Post
Nice that plasma works for you

If I was running the ship I made a few minor changes:

replace TS for HY. TS is good for chronitons, but since you using omega torp, HY is very good choice.

I would also remove one plasma mine, and put there your beam array. It can be a plasma one, since you dont use real dps with your beam. It's just to use the subsystem targetting, and those cycle every 15 seconds, so they do not need to be in front.

This also gives you another plasma torp to use in front. Since you only use 1 torpedo doff, you really need more than 2 torps to let it proc.

In front I would use the torps with the highest dot's. The fleet plasma torps and omega have the highest kinetic damage AND dot's. 2x fleet torp + omega torp also cycle good. The romulan torp has to go to the back in that case. So you would end up with this:

front: 2x fleet advanced plasma torp [dmg]x3 [acc], 1x omega torp
back: 1x plasma mine [critH]x3, romulan torp, beam array
Thanks for the feedback!

I'll definitely try out the Fleet plasmas in a few days, I'm really short on dil to get them at the moment...20k/8k dil = 2.5 (3) days of refining :p oh well.

I did try to put 3 torps up front, but the firing was so fast on the others that the romulan one never had a chance to fire. Thats why i tried with 2 torps 1 beam array up front :p

But i'll definitely try out your suggestion on the loadout when i can get the fleet torps :p