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Too many things to comment on all so I will just choose one:

Balance Fleet Ships and Lock Box Ships

Lock Box Ships SHOULD be OP compared to Rear Admiral Ships and even VA Z-Store Ships but not when compared to the best Fleet Ships IMHO

Branflakes compliance:

The reason Lock Box ships are overpowered is because they not only have ten consoles and come with special consoles, but also higher base stats than Fleet Ships. The biggest place this shows up is in the turn rates. Fleet Recon Sci has 13, Wells has 15. Fleet Defiant has 17, JHAS has 20. Simply buffing the turn rates of Fleet Ships to equal Lock Box Ships would probably all that is needed to balance them, though I think personally both options that follow should be considered.

Getting a Fleet Ship takes a huge investment of time and resources from not jsut the one player but from the entire fleet. Lock Box Ship is obtained through either luck or buying from another player via exchange (again a lot of resources, but really not the same level as Fleet Ships)

I propose two possible solutions to this, both of which could be implemented:

1a. Simple balance pass so that Fleet Ships are dead even balance wise with lock box ships. Cryptic/PWE earn good money from both and IMHO the best ships in the game should indeed put money in the coffers. They should however be equal as some of us would rather not gamble and opening lock boxes should not be REQUIRED to have the best ships. Personally I think the Lock Box Ships should stay specced as they currently are and Tier 3 Shipyard and higher Fleet Ships should be buffed to be equal to them.
1b. Lower the tiers at which Current Fleet Ships can be obtained and add Lock Box quality ships to T5.

2. Fleet Ships should get the special consoles that come with the z-store counterpart.
This makes sense-at least, points 1 and 1a do. The c-store consoles, imho, should remain c-store only in MOST cases.

I think there should also be a 'balance pass' done between ship classes, however-not a Nerf, a balance pass, some reason a player who wants to be competitive might choose a slow-turning cruiser with beam arrays, or non-carrier Sci ship.

As it currently stands at present, the "Balanced" Cruiser archetype suffers significantly in part due to the ability (via passives, Doffs, etc.) of Escorts to "tank" (resist and/or avoid damage) at the same levels a cruiser does-without any drawbacks that are notable in PvP.

A possible solution would be to adjust weapons power/subsystem power usage using economies of scale. i.e. 8 weapons emplacements using less power per weapon than 7, 7 less than 6, and so on. Aggregate power usage (i.e. how much is drained when using BO3, CRF, FAW and CSV) would end up being close to the same-but the bigger ship is firing more weapons at about the same rate per weapon, giving it roughly the same damage-drop-off on the whole. This is made up for, by the Cruiser's lack of turn rate and impulse speed-the two things that let an Escort or KDF BC do so much MORE damage by getting a target lined up, and the typical Cruiser's lack of Tactical Bridge Officer seating and Tac Consoles.

This would still allow Escorts to run higher 'spike' DPS across that 45 degree forward arc, but it would ALSO make it more dangerous for the Escort, as the Cruiser would be able to apply truly sustained pressure as its damage drop off is slowed and weapons cooldowns are faster, and it would act as a counter to power-draining consoles and abilities without nerfing them.

Effectively, this would bring "Sword" into line with "Shield". An Escort or Raptor could sustain fire intensity longer than a BoP, but not as long as a Cruiser under this model. As weapons fire is not a primary for Science ships, and Bird of Prey type vessels are ambush-burst fighters instead of sustained combatants, the lack of bonuses won't hurt them much in their primary roles, i.e. their world wouldn't change in terms of power usage with weapons from before such a system as this were implemented as I (tried to) describe, but the game would no longer be sliding toward "Escorts on-line" as has been repeatedly complained about.
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