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02-04-2013, 03:21 AM
agree with OP.
As new player I'm not allowed to create a thread, but this thread is similar in that it deals with queued events, so sorry if it seems like thread hijack.

I've only done PvE queue fleet action 3 times at this point (kill some Klingons near a station) . I rolled an engineer, flying a cruiser that i've pimped out with survivability gear (tank role).

During the fleet action, my energy is set to max shield recharge, and when the enemy battleships come out in the 2nd wave i'm in the front, rotating defensive cooldowns, taking a pounding while the other players attack the ships that are attacking me.

When the fleet action ends, I've always gotten the lowest tier reward. I've never seen a need or greed role, or a blue or purple reward.

I'm pretty sure the dps players wouldn't have been able to sit on the enemy battleships and dps them if I wasn't soaking the hits, so why am I not rewarded for tanking? This is supposed to be a PvE queue.

There is no score screen shown afterwards like all the other MMORPGs that i've played. so I can't see total damage taken or dealt or the total friendly healz by science vessels (haven't seen one yet, but assume they queue also...)

Can someone please confirm if queued events like the fleet actions only reward DPS role players and not healers or tanks?