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02-04-2013, 02:36 AM
On the Engineering consoles I would suggest atleast one if not two Electroceramic Hull Plating in place of your kinetic reducing consoles if its Borg/STF or even Romulan runs this is built around.

If you want to keep an kinetic reducing console in then go for Neutronium Alloy as that will help with the energy weapons as well.

Also for the rear of my ship I use Borg Cutting Beam, Experimental Romulan Plamsa Beam Array and a Quantum Launcher (the quantum you could lose). By losing turrets when I am not facing the enemy I have a more powerful weapon firing then turrets, and I could also lose a Tactical Team which seems to spam my BO layout and put a beam weapon option in like Beam Overload or fire at will (I use target shields).
If you kept beams to rear you could use a dual heavy cannon up front.

I used to always use AntiProton but I dont anymore. The proc was too weak.
I used Phaser which has a much more reliable proc and I could also use my quad cannons that way, or later I have used Plasma weapons with the hull fire proc almost always triggering at somepoint. Either I would suggest over AP.

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