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02-04-2013, 03:45 AM
no, it really is JUST DHCs with CRF that are the offense problem. singles and DCs with CRF don't deliver damage in a front loaded enough way to be half as dangerous to you. when DHCs deliver damage, its in the space of a second. DCs and everything else deal their DPS in around 4 seconds, and at no point is it abrupt enough to out damage manual distribution, usual resistance levels, and shield HOTs. it does not open holes, ever, unless your opponent is one of the helpless types. for non DHC damage, its almost like TT is on all the time for them thier damage is so gradual. but healing and damage arent balanced with those things in mind, just the extremes.

you would not need TT if it wasn't for CRF DHC damage. aside from the odd BO, nothing could remove a facing in an instant, something only DHCs can do. it needs to exist only because DHCs exist. both of these things prevent any other energy weapon types from actually mattering outside of an isolated duel.
I completely agree with this. For some time now, I've been advocating that all the energy weapon classes need to be reworked. DHC's either need to be retuned to deal damage at a rate similar to the other weapons, or the other weapons need to be retuned to deal damage at a rate similar to DHC's.

While that's happening, CRF needs to be adapted to either effect both cannons and beams, or a new single-fire skill for beams needs to be introduced.

Lastly, certain weapon classes need to be made more effective. DC's are a pitfall choice that no one should ever use. Considering that they're already in the game and continue to be added to the game, it's about time that they were made different in some way. Decreasing their damage a bit and widening their firing arc has been my suggestion, putting them halfway between DHC's and single cannons in damage and firing arc. There are plenty of new cruiser-escort hybrids that need a weapon like this. Also, the introduction of a turret-strength 360 degree beam array wouldn't hurt to give dual beam banks a purpose.

Fixing the weapon classes would go a long way to bridging the gap between ship classes.  1347284393
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