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02-04-2013, 05:07 AM
I suspect that the JHAS wouldn't be such an issue if a lot of people didn't already feel as though escorts were superior in a lot of ways to the other ship classes. As the most powerful of all the escorts, it becomes a very easy target for hatred in the community.

As has been being discussed in other threads recently, a large part of the blame with the success of the JHAS probably lies with Dual Heavy Cannons. As they are now, they provide far too much burst in comparison to the other weapon classes. Since the JHAS has an extremely high turn rate, it has the highest potential to utilize the DHC's, making it seem like a potent and overpowered advantage.

If DHC firing rate was normalized to the standard of the DC's and single cannons, the JHAS would still be really good, but the damage would be far more manageable in a team setting. That isn't to say that it isn't still itemized too high in stats compared to the other escorts, but it would manage to keep it from being the insane damage-pressure machine it is now.

Turn rate has a high value only because it's the best stat to increase damage with DHC's. Most other escorts need a burst ability like Beam Overload to land kills where the JHAS can keep enough uptime to do without.  1347284393
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