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02-04-2013, 05:31 AM
I think it was with season 3 or 4 that the "power" factor got bigger. The effect of power on dps, on shield strength and regeneration got bigger and people were more forced to adjust power settings during a fight. In those days cruisers had the most benefit, since they had the most power (+5 to all subsystems). They also had the monopoly of having 2 power systems 100% of the time boosted by emergency power by cycling 2 x 2 EptX. Nowadays escorts and science vessels can do the same with only 1 LT engineer by using the damage engineers doffs. Before that, escorts were running 1x or 2x EptS, and that was it. Also, those blue MK XI power boosting consoles gave +7.5 power to a sub system. So cruisers actually had some benefit of their engineering consoles. With the decrease of +power on these consoles, everyone uses now 1x neutronium alloy and P2W to fill them.

So these days with all the doffs and other passives and decrease of power consoles, the cruisers don't make the difference by power anymore. That should be fixed.