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02-04-2013, 04:33 AM
In regard to the DHCs, I think some people are missing a key factor. In PvE, do you need DHCs? Outside of NWS, do you even need them? I'd say the answer is no. Escorts with SCs or Beams can put out enough damage to complete the optionals for the rest - even Cruisers can. It's at that point with where folks can boost damage.

On the other hand, looking at PvE again - healing? Well, like most MMOs - NPCs become harder by doing more damage rather than being smarter or using more abilities. So healing's bumped up. Need to heal that higher damage, am I right?

So you bring that PvE healing into PvP without the DHCs...and well, it's not going to work, eh? The PvE damage players do w/o DHCs is sufficient because the NPCs aren't healing. In PvP, the players are healing. So tada, DHCs.

DHCs to get past the healing that's come about because of PvE damage.

So if you "nerf" DHCs - healing's going to be OP, eh? You can't touch healing, because that's needed for PvE. Are they going to nerf the damage in PvE for the reduced healing? Not likely. So is it a case of buffing the damage of other weapons? Ignoring the implications that has in PvE, how would that fix anything in PvP?

Whether it's DHCs, DCs, SCs, Turrets, DBBs, Arrays, Torps, or Mines - they're all going to do more damage on an Escort than Cruiser. Tac consoles.

You also face the issue of presenting the Escort with other options - if they can get near damage from another weapon that doesn't require the 45 arc; bam - you've improved their survivability another notch because they don't have to worry about sitting in that arc. Heck, you've also increased their damage because they don't have to sit in that arc.

Well, how about adding some DR to Tac consoles, eh? There's DR on the resistance consoles. Well, would it be right to add DR to Tac consoles without adding DR to other consoles? Wouldn't that lead to adding DR to skill consoles affecting both Eng/Sci consoles as well?

And if we're nerfing X, Y, and Z... well, we're back to the issue of healing again - which would mean redoing PvE completely.

It goes around and around. It's not a simple issue. This quick blurb I've thrown together (without sufficient caffeine) doesn't even come close to taking into account all the variables involved. There are so many variables involved...and different aspects of gameplay where you need to consider them.
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