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I can't remember if it was pointed out in the thread earlier or not, but a big problem that exists is the following mentality:

Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
if the cruisers are the mother of all vessels, with the top weapons, the top technology, the space combat tanks, the frontline battle ships, why people prefer escorts ? theres something wrong here right ?
This isn't Star Trek. It's Star Trek Online.

If STO were designed more like ST - then not only would we have Shuttle missions, we'd have Escort and Science Vessel missions. Cruisers would be at the top of the food chain.

Not only would there be ship specific missions, there would also be career specific story lines. The Tac Captain wouldn't be doing the same story as the Eng or Sci Captain. Perhaps the story would be the same, but the missions undertaken would be different. Consider the almost insignificant accolades you can get depending on your career - those would actually be the major focus of what you're character's doing.

As is, doesn't matter what ship you're in nor what career you selected. It's all the same for the most part.

It's Star Trek Online. It's not Star Trek.

Cryptic grabbed the title from Perpetual...but had the same deadline to ship the game. So we got what we got. Who knows what Cryptic could have done with the game had they had the full development time to do something, eh? They didn't. So we got what we got.

That means accepting that Star Trek Online is Star Trek Online and not Star
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