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02-04-2013, 06:19 AM
This has been an ongoing issue for the last few months. I get this error all the time but it doesn't compromise my gameplay. I get a lot of missing textures while playing I've kinda learned to just deal with it. The graphics engine is in need of a serious overhaul and better support for DX 11. I switched to DX 11 because the missing textures were worse on DX 9. I believe a lot of is due to GFX card manufactures not developing drivers really to help DX 9 anymore. Since STO is mainly DX 9 we will continue to see this issue until we get a more polished DX 11 engine. Also there is no difference between the DX9 and DX11 (beta). I think it is just a different type of coding that newer cards can interpret easier. If you have a newer card ie GTX 4-6 series and ATI 7-8 series put the game into DX11 (beta) it helps with the missing textures.

To the Devs I know you have a lot on your plate with new content upcoming and other bugs. Can we get better DX11 support? This game would look amazing on a fully integrated DX11 option taking advantage of tesselation and other features DX11 offers.

System Specs as follows:

Windows 8 Pro x64
Intel Core i7 980X oc'd to 4.4 GHz
2x GTX 580 SLI
6GB Corsair Dominator RAM
EVGA Classified 3 X58 MB
Corsair AX 1200w PSU

NOTE: Current Nvidia 310 drivers are not playing nice I rolled back to 306.97

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