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02-04-2013, 05:40 AM
A disclaimer of sorts, where my bias may lie, etc, etc, etc in regard to my four toons and the ships they can fly:

Fed Eng - can fly Assault Cruiser, Star Cruiser, Support Cruiser, RSV, DSSV, Advanced Escort, Warship. Prefers the Warship.

Fed Sci - can fly Assault Cruiser, Star Cruiser, Support Cruiser, RSV, DSSV, Patrol Escort, Warship. Prefers the DSSV - even though he's dorking around in the Support Cruiser right now, he still prefers the DSSV.

KDF Eng - can fly Heavy Battle Cruiser, Battle Cruiser, Raptor, Warship. Prefers a Battle Cruiser.

KDF Tac - can fly Battle Cruiser, Raptor, Warship, Carrier. Prefers a Carrier.

So four toons: 1 Warship (Escort), 1 Battle Cruiser (Cruiser), 1 DSSV (Science), 1 Carrier (Special).

If the Warship did not exist, the Fed Eng would likely be flying an Assault or Support Cruiser - might even go for an Excelsior.

If they were to run the Bug in a DOFF pack again and I got one, I'd sell it. It wouldn't fit any of my toons nor my playstyle.

I'm still thinking that I want a D'kora for the KDF Eng.

I'm still thinking about an Orb Weaver for the Fed Sci.

The KDF Tac...I've actually been thinking about a Marauder or Kar'Fi But then again, I've also thought about the JHEC, JDread, and Recluse.

So please, go ahead and dismiss anything I say because I'm obviously doing it wrong.

Course, I'm generally having fun without getting my panties bunched up.

The things I think need to be fixed in the game regarding Cruisers/etc:

Engineering Ensign BOFF abilities. Course, that would apply to any vessel with them. It's not just a Cruiser thing. Affects them the most, but it's not limited to them.

The FAW stuff? Well, who knows how many abilities are broken, eh? But again, while that would also affect Cruisers - it's going to affect all ships. A Beam Array's still going to be able to do more damage on an Escort than on a Cruiser. Fixing mods and procs on various abilities is going to affect all ships, and in the end - all of that's going to mean more damage on Escorts than Cruisers anyway.

Cap on turn rate. I believe Escorts are capable of buffing turn way too high. There should be a cap on it. That's not saying that Escort base turn needs to be lowered - Escorts should turn faster than Cruisers. It's a case of saying that vessel should only be able to turn so much before you move from Inertial Dampeners into Star Trek Shake...and you're crew ends up meat pancakes. Cruisers will never approach that cap, but they'll not have to deal with Escorts potentially turning at such extreme rates.

It's not Star It's Star Trek Online. You've got to accept that, right?

So look for balance - not buff mah ship or don't nerf mah ship garbage because somebody's got a preferred playstyle... that doesn't help the game.
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