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02-04-2013, 07:09 AM
Season 8 is the key. With Cryptic bragging how they doubled the number of their staff, about Season 8 being bigger than a season and having more than half a year since the launch of S7 to the launch of S8, one would expect to see the fruits of their success and hard work.
Since they managed to increase staff, one would expect that they are finally doing well now and with increased numbers they can catter to the neglected parts of STO.

Needles to say, I don't expect KDF to ever be on the same level as the Feds. The Fed. has more players and is the rich utopia type. KDF has less and it's the sturdy warrior faction. And that is ok.
I would be satisfied if we get 1 KDF ship for every 3 Fed. I would be satisfied if we get 1 costume for every 3 or 4 the Fed. gets. That would be ok.
What is not ok is the statement they made that KDF will not be getting ships in the Z-Store any time soon. What is not ok is when asked about KDF ships getting the answer that the KDF will have ships availible from the next lock box. Well, so will the Feds. So what? If they made faction specific ships in the lockboxes like the temporal one was, I would understand this. But, I don't want my Klingon in a slow fat-ass Jem'Hadar Dreadnought. I want it in a Klingon design.

Like I said, I don't expect KDF to be ever at the same level as the Fed. Nor do I insist on it. What I consider to be finished KDF faction is having the opportunity to have the 30% from what the Fed. gets, but this to be done constantly. I'll consider KDF finished when I have missions and FEs thay would give me that Klingon feel instead of nonsence like "make Cassidy a nerve tonic". Or a Klingon Captain, Nausicaan pirate and Orion marauder beam to Drozana in TOS era and McCoy gives them a hypospray and is like "let's save some people now."
*facepalm* If they saw this trio in TOS timeline, they'd sound the alarm

I don't expect miracles in S8, but it will be the key to see if anyone is serious about KDF development any more.
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