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02-04-2013, 06:51 AM
[quote=virusdancer;7877791]You've stated that you thought that the upcoming Season Eight release would be "big" for the Klingon faction. Do you have anything you can add to that?

Anything? How about the 1000 times that mr.Stahl stated that there will be no new factions added untill the KDF is complete.

Now, excuse me if I don't consider the winter jackets as a Klingon uniform options, although I use them on every KDF toon in the lack of real options. Excuse me, but I don't consider KDF complete yet, not because it's not on par with the Fed. - which it'll never be, but because I'm offered to play Fed. FEs coloured in red atm.

I don't have anything against a Romulan faction. I wholeheartedly endorse it. I always wanted to PvP against Romulan players in their Warbirds, the Feds. just don't amuse me that much. lol
I could live with KDF's current arsenal of ships, it's fine by mine standards. But if Rommies are comming in S8 like you say, I'd expect a couple of costume options for the KDF, storyline that would be around the Empire's perception of the developments not the Federation, with unique mission content for the KDF. And possibly a couple of patrol missions in Klingon Space, like the Fed. has.
This would make S8 "big" for the KDF for me. Not some delusional dream that KDF will ever equal the Feds.

And just for the record, we can't add much more than the Romulan teaser poster to the thesis that there is a Romulan faction on the way. It could mean pretty much anything at this point.

If you're completely right though and I'm completely wrong about KDF getting anything out of S8, that would imply that someone is lying and I don't want to call anyone a liar, not just yet...
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